My True North Star is more than a fine digital art gallery you can find online, it's more than a direction, more than a movement, it’s a way of life, it’s my calling I decided to follow, to create my own destiny by the process of finding myself, digging deep into my life to find the alpha to embrace the new journey of becoming who I’ve always wanted to be, an artist.

Finding my true north star helps me to achieve the impossible, to get closer to who I am, find more joy in life and most of all the courage to follow my passion. Inspiration and motivation were, are and will always be my best allies to conquer freedom.

I remember the time when distraction and fear were my enemies, frustration to not be able to pursue my dreams, not being connected to the true self. Motivation and inspiration were needed as never before for me to succeed. In my mind, everyone should be free and deserves to follow their dreams to turn their lives around. 

I went through all stages from the idea to the reward and the battle within was inevitable to get where I am today, I was constantly looking for reminder, motivation and inspiration throughout this journey.

True North Star is the fruit of a long search of myself and now I would like to share it with the world through my creations which keep me motivated and inspired until now.

It's important for True North Star to guide the dream chasers to discover themselves, to keep them motivated and inspired in any life project they might choose, through our unique digital art canvases selection so they can fill their homes and offices with their own identity and having an imagination without borders, working on themself with the best tool, so they can find their True North Star.